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Romania is a country in the Eastern part of Europe with traditions dating back 2000 years.
During this time Romania passed through many trials and tribulations,
the most recent of these being a communist dictatorship.

The plight of the street children was, and is, one of the consequences of communism - the fruit of a bad tree.
Since the revolution, the number of children on the streets between the ages of 8 and 20 has increased especially in larger cities where they tend to migrate.
Most have left behind poverty-stricken, violent and abusive families, others have run away from orphanages.
We noticed, that these kids need to grow up in a healthy family atmosphere. Since Romania entered in the EU most of the street kids where put into big childrens houses from the State. The day-center was not needed that much. Therefore we wanted to be focused on running the houses for boys and girls. This is, what we are still doing.

Girl's house 'Osana'

Girls' Home 'Osana'

On 18th December 1999 Association Mana opened its first family residential care home for up to 10 girls under the age of 18. This house is called "The Girls House Osana".
The girls chosen for this home were selected in the beginning through our day center program and the child welfare department. Most came from broken and disfunctional families. Now most of the are sent by the child welfare department. They live permanently in this home and aside from going to school, enjoy a wide variety of activities including both summer and winter camps.. (more will come on the new Website)

Boy's house 'Caleb'

Boys' Home 'Caleb'

In March 2006, we bought a 5 acre block of land with an old house and a large barn 19km out of Timisoara on the outskirts of a small village called Ianova.
(After a long period of time, building up the new home, we celebrated the opening in December 2015. It was a big joy to start with a young couple running the boys house with 2 boys in March 2016. Using the same model we have used with the girls house - we can care for up to 15 boys with 24 hour supervision and a structured, loving environment where these children can grow and enjoy being children.)

Ways you can help

If you feel you can help with this project, there are a few things you can do, for which we will be extremely grateful...

  • Praying

    We would be very grateful for people to pray for these things:
    - for our Team, always loving the kids
    - for healing in the lives of this children
    - for the volunteers coming over
    - for finance for the boys' and girls' house
    - for protection over those working in the ministry

  • Volunteering

    The ministry began with a group of Romanian volunteers. Since then volunteers have been an integral part of its everyday running.
    We have had volunteers from Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, America, England, Scotland and Italy.
    If you are wanting to be a part of a team or just come and help out for a few days, weeks, months or years we would love to hear from you. ede.wiebe [at] t-online [dot] de

  • Financial support

    We need funds to continue our work. If you feel you can help, please use the following ...

    Asociatia Mana
    Strada William Shakespeare Nr. 14
    Timisoara, 300441

    Banca Unicredit Țiriac
    Account name: Asociatia Mana
    IBAN/Swift for RON: RO90 BACX 0000 0030 0866 7000
    IBAN/Swift for EUR: RO09 BACX 0000 0030 0866 7003
    IBAN/Swift for USD: RO63 BACX 0000 0030 0866 7001

    (If you got questions, we would love to here from you. ede.wiebe [at] t-online [dot] de)

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